2015 Tour Memories

Amy Walker: Inside Out ~The International Tour!

Thanks for the Fun! <3


"Incredibly funny and clever" ~Guzel Gjenasaj
"As good as any Broadway show I've ever seen. I was just completely enchanted with her performance." ~Michael Stone
"Her show is exciting, transformative, and relaxing, all at the same time." ~Charlotte Anderson
"I'm so moved. I felt like I was showered by her love and passion throughout the show." ~Saemi Nakamura
I loved the show: the pacing, the gamut of emotion, the choices of character, all those people Amy brought with her (the evolutionary yoga teacher, and the naive pole-ish dancer who sings opera).
~Christina Baldwin,
I thrilled to every word and gesture of Amy's amazing show. She is truly one of a kind and her kindness and oneness shine through. Amy is a message as well as a messenger, an actress with an operatic range and still tender heart. She is outside of any category.
~ Vicki Robin, author *Your Money or Your Life*; **Blessing the
Hands that Feed Us**