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Fun Microsoft Video!

Happy Spring!
Had a blast at Weber Shandwick working on a fun anti-piracy video for Microsoft.
The team was wonderful!  It’s the same crew I worked with on the Nokia accent videos awhile back.

Photos by Jeanne Kobayashi

Here are the continuity pics taken by fabulous makeup artist Jeanne Kobayashi. ~Vibes to YOU and the cast and crew!

“Amy Walker Takes the World By Storm. Again.”


Hey, Lauren here:

The wonderful Patricia Duff of the South Whidbey Record has produced another
fascinating article about our lovely Amy:

“Amy Walker Takes the World by Storm.  Again.”

The article takes a look at her preparations that surrounded her TEDx Talk, the Talk itself, as well as what she sees happening in her ‘many lives’!  Here’s an excerpt:

“Somewhere along the way it started to feel like
‘Two roads diverged in the wood and I,
I built a spaceship and flew to the sky!‘”

Check out the article from the South Whidbey Record HERE
A good read to be had by all!



Reverence for Enough

Hello, Friends!


While we’re waiting for TED vid #3 to be edited by the fabulous TEDx folks, I thought I’d share with you a musing from my journal about


It’s a personal, honest look at my relationship to food as a middle-class American in this day and age, with a new outlook for Positive Change.

I wrote it as a “Prosem”, as I like to call prose with Poetic Flair, and since I cannot get this page to recognize the special formatting (GRRRRrrr!) I’ve uploaded it as a Google Doc.

I’ll paste it with bland, Cardboard Formatting here, but to be honest, the shape of the lines is part of the fun, so check out

“Reverence For Enough” -with Proper Formatting here

Enjoy!  Vibes to ALL,


I realized in Dance Class this morning
that the Western World is now run by generations
who, for the most part, have never had to ration.

Never been asked to
Do More With Less.

The Vietnam War was the first “Bread and Butter War”,
and now they tell us:
Help fund the War on Terror:
Help save the Economy:
Be Healthy:
DRINK MORE WATER than the rest of the planet;
EAT MORE of whatever health food product we’ve scientifically engineered;
to contribute to society.

I say:
Let This Generation herald the Dawn of a New Paradigm:

The first to have infinite access to
Infinite Possibilities
Infinite Potential
Infinite Abundance,
and choose

Choose Balance.
Choose sharing
-like they do on Sesame Street.
Let one basket of “loaves and fishes”
(or chips and fishes!)
S t r e t c h
and be Enough for here and now,
rather than building another MacDonald’s
next to each Sacred Site,
lest we ever go to meditate or pray and find
we want Fries With That.

I have dreamed of a Heaven
filled with Infinite Delicious Foods
and Mountains of Decadent Desserts
all miraculously Calorie-Free!
…To be able to eat and Eat with no consequences.

I’ve experienced binges where I switch off
the consequence-tallying part of my brain,
trying to taste That Heaven.

But in that state of semi-conscious Consumption,
I cannot actually TASTE much.
I get so involved in eating,
that the sensory experience of
the flavors, textures, juices,
crunch, smooth,
dark, sweet…
is Numbed.
Almost non-existent.

of my most incredible food memories
Slow, Deep, Present-
Reverence and Gratitude
for the Ecstasy of Beauty I’m inviting into my
Body and Being.

Times when it’s so delicious and Gorgeous,
that I can hardly eat it because I want to
Stare, Smell,
Bow Down to it,
Laugh, Cry, Dance,
SWIM in it,
SING to it!

I was in New Zealand four years ago,
on a road trip alone,
and after cooking simple meals in hostels, for Days,
I wanted a Cuisine Experience.

I took a chance on this little restaurant
out some side street in charming Wanaka
-Frenchies, was the name of the place.
Their Vegetarian Daily Special looked promising.

I was the only one there for dinner,
but my slick, dapper, British, tall-drink-of-
was tip-tops.

I’ll glide over the details of a sumptuous, yet simple
grilled veggie wrap,
where the medley of flavors and colors,
and the delicate crisp of toasted tortilla
Demanded Reverence.
My usual utilitarian speed
slowed to Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

the Pecan Tart.

The Darling little Shiny French Chef
brought it out himself.
a Masterpiece worthy of la Louvre.
Set in a pond
of mint Crème Anglaise,
graced by swirls of strawberry sauce
with white hearts amidst their red ribbons.

And the tart itself…
Golden, crisp, Bronzed Perfection of Pie,
with a heart of fresh strawberry,
by a curl of dark chocolate,
set with tantalizing tastefulness on top.

I was stunned.
Edified by the effort
of Gracious Beauty before me.

No camera for pictures.
But it filled my every sense with Momentous Memory,
as I slowly savored every sliver.

I even wrote “Merci Beaucoup!”
in the remaining sauce,
for my Chef in Shining SmileyCheeks.

Food can be that Transcendental.

But my experience could not have been
-it would not have been proportionally
to have been served a Larger piece.
Indeed, if the Entire Pie
had been placed before me,
I would not have been able to Relax
and Savor.
I probably would have started shoveling it down my face
like a bucket o’ popcorn
at an Action Flick.

I hazard that I was Only able to enjoy it because it was
1 slice.

It gets harder when you don’t have someone serving you the
Appropriate Portions.
I don’t know about You, but
I’ve had it drilled into me that you Eat
Everything in Front of You.

Looking at rabbits, sheep, and
Nature in general,
I can see why we’ve developed that desire.
It’s a tough world out there
…where we once came from.
Long Ago.
And with a pantry full of Easy Food,
there’s not much to stop me from
Eating it ALL!
While I still can!
Who Knows what tomorrow will bring?!

But I don’t actually live “Out There”.
Sure, I’ve had lean times -ho-boy!
Had 17 cents in the bank account for 6 weeks while living in NZ.
Gave my last 50 cent piece to a busker who had no idea that
at that moment,
he had more money than I did.

But I’ve never had to Really Worry about
when I’d get my next meal.

And so, I’m making a commitment
to my Body,
my Spirit,
and my Relatives, in every form, who Are Hungry,
to get back to

This is probably
Not the last meal I’ll ever have.
I’ll have another one in a couple of hours.
It only has to keep me going until then.

And just because veggies and fruits are
Good For Me
and have loads of Fiber and relatively few
Doesn’t mean it’s best to
Eat Tons and Tons of them.
“Free Calories!” I used to think.
But I’ve realized that eating a
Massive Volume of Good Food
is actually
hard on my body,
which still has to Process
everything I put into it.

I no longer desire
a Heaven of Mass Consumption.

I’ve seen its destruction in my body
and the body of the earth,
upon which we All depend,
and I’m choosing
a Different Dream.

One I can live here on earth,
with You.

I’m choosing
Reverence for Enough.

Having Enough,
and Reveling with all my senses,
as I invite it into my grateful body.

There is Freedom
in Less.

Less to Buy means
I don’t need to make as much money.
Less to Need means
more for others.
Less to Do
means I can Revel in Being.

Means I can Fill Up with

…which is 100%