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Workshops and Teaching

NEW! In-Depth American Tutorials:

American Accent Tutorials | Intro to a Series

Are you ready to truly develop your Standard (Neutral) American Accent?

These fun new tutorials are for people who want to work in-depth, but aren’t able to do private sessions.  They include Free Videos on the more simple parts of speech, as well as in-depth tutorials which reveal my new, unique techniques for producing the more complicated sounds.

Learn at Your Own Pace
You can rent them for an entire Year,
or simply click to download and keep them forever.


Accents w Amy …and Alex! Learn in real time, while Alex (via Skype from Spain) is learning. Hear first-hand how quickly you too can sound like a standard (neutral) American with Amy’s fun, unique techniques.

Schwa and long ä | Basis of American Vowel sounds

Part 4:

Vowel “ə” (the, love, was, today, money, word, for, for you, forever)
Vowel “ˈɔ” (always, all, party, darling, awesome)

These are often a challenge to differentiate between for foreign speakers, so pay particular attention to the progression as Alex learns.

Diphthongs “A” “I” “U” 

Part 5:

diphthong eɪ (say, day, thanks, favorite, play)
diphthong aɪ (rice, wild, child, time)
diphthong uː (you, few, view, human, usual)

These are often a challenge to differentiate between for foreign speakers, so pay particular attention to the progression as Alex learns.

Accents in August

**Due to high demand, names are being taken
names for our wait list.**

Do you want to brush up on an accent for an audition? Perhaps you have a desire to learn an accent out of pure fascination for the language. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re interested in enhancing and honing your skills for business purposes, or you’re interested in learning for fun, we’ve got the opportunity for you.

Amy will be teaching through the month of August 2012. Interested? Visit the Teaching page for more information, or to request a session.

Questions? E-mail Lauren at


TEDx Talk and Connect-Up in September

Amy will be the co-host and a keynote speaker

at the TEDx conference:

“MindBlender: Welcome to Ideaville.”

WHEN: Saturday, September 24, 10am-3pm

WHERE: The historic Colonial Theatre of Phoenixville, PA. Learn more and Book Tickets…

TED is an organization dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Amy’s talk will focus on Expanding your Identity to Embody your Potential. (Yes, it will absolutely include ACCENTS. How Else could I talk about Identity?!)

The event will be filmed and the videos posted to the TED website:

Stay Tuned for details.


and the ConnectedFilm Team!

WHEN: Sunday, September 25, at 2pm EST

ONLINE: live streaming from’s home page. Open to ALL!

WHAT: an interactive discussion with Amy and Core Members of the ConnectedFilm Project.

We’ll discuss personal empowerment, leadership, film production, and uniting the world! (little stuff)

Learn More

Hope to see you soon! 

Vibes to you and All you Do.