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Compassion Games ~ Join me LIVE on Sunday!

Celebrate Earth Day!

Join me and the Vibers Team, to participate in the International Compassion Games ~ a fun, world-wide coopetition to promote compassionate action, partnering with Unify and Standing Rock.


1) Sign up here to receive one “mission” each day for 9 days to take a simple, compassionate action for the earth.

2) Log your actions on the Compassion Games global map, where you’ll see thousands of other Agents of Compassion noting their actions in real time!

Note: Post your action under the Vibers Team to connect our actions for #CourageousCompassion ~<3

Tune in LIVE THIS SUNDAY, April 23rd at 9am PST as I co-lead a special Water Blessing!

~ Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life ~

Facebook Invite for Sunday

More information on the Compassion Games:

Who Am I? This Video is my Answer~ What’s Yours?

We Are Connected~~~♥~~~♥~~~!

As we approach the darkest time of the year (in the northern hemisphere), I am reminded of the light within. That spark that fuels my SoulFire-

I wrote this piece 2 years ago, when I was crawling out of the darkest time of my life. It wasn't for the public. It was my irreverent, "out of the box" answer to the assortment of boxes laying in wait, for my answer to confine me into.

It's a powerful question. One I'll keep asking and asking. I can only answer the question by living it~~♥

Wishing you Love and Light this Holiday Season~

Free Ringtone

Here’s a random fun ringtone compiled by Sound Engineer Robbie Cribbs from a recording session I did at SoundTrap Studios.  Enjoy!
Oort Cloud Ringtone

iPhone users, you’ll need to change the file extension to m4r.  Windows users click here for instructions, Mac users here.
Wondering what an Oort cloud is?  Check it out here!