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“Amy Walker Takes the World By Storm. Again.”


Hey, Lauren here:

The wonderful Patricia Duff of the South Whidbey Record has produced another
fascinating article about our lovely Amy:

“Amy Walker Takes the World by Storm.  Again.”

The article takes a look at her preparations that surrounded her TEDx Talk, the Talk itself, as well as what she sees happening in her ‘many lives’!  Here’s an excerpt:

“Somewhere along the way it started to feel like
‘Two roads diverged in the wood and I,
I built a spaceship and flew to the sky!‘”

Check out the article from the South Whidbey Record HERE
A good read to be had by all!



NPR Interview with Jack White about our New Record

Jack White talks about our new record, on NPR

Hello, Every-wondrous-body,

Here’s a fun interview about the record with Jack White on NPR’s All Songs Considered.


  I will be selling a few signed records from my online store,
starting next Monday the 14th, (assuming the shipping materials have arrived by then -sorry for the delay!)

They’re pretty freaking cool.  Vinyl ROCKS!

It’s on iTunes, too…

VIBES to you!

Interview on The Nervous Breakdown

We Are Connected – An Interview with Amy Walker

for The Nervous Breakdown

It’s not easy to characterize Amy Walker. At first glance you might consider her a gifted performer, but a closer look reveals talent across numerous artistic disciplines. She’s a writer. An actress. A singer. A film director. A choreographer. A skilled instructor. Her ability to assume the mannerisms and vocal patterns of regions around the globe will astonish you.

I found Amy’s work on YouTube, quite by accident, and was amazed at the breadth of unique content she’s published there…  See the Interview