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NPR Interview with Jack White about our New Record

Jack White talks about our new record, on NPR

Hello, Every-wondrous-body,

Here’s a fun interview about the record with Jack White on NPR’s All Songs Considered.


  I will be selling a few signed records from my online store,
starting next Monday the 14th, (assuming the shipping materials have arrived by then -sorry for the delay!)

They’re pretty freaking cool.  Vinyl ROCKS!

It’s on iTunes, too…

VIBES to you!

Interview on The Nervous Breakdown

We Are Connected – An Interview with Amy Walker

for The Nervous Breakdown

It’s not easy to characterize Amy Walker. At first glance you might consider her a gifted performer, but a closer look reveals talent across numerous artistic disciplines. She’s a writer. An actress. A singer. A film director. A choreographer. A skilled instructor. Her ability to assume the mannerisms and vocal patterns of regions around the globe will astonish you.

I found Amy’s work on YouTube, quite by accident, and was amazed at the breadth of unique content she’s published there…  See the Interview

TWIGG Interview With Amy Walker

TWIGG Interview With Amy WalkerTWIGG, which stands for This Week in Global Governance, is a weekly podcast that deals with the subject of Global Governance. In her interview, Amy shares her vision for the ConnectedFilm project and how it contributes to our global unity. “To demonstrate the power of a truly connected global community” through dollar-donations! To listen to Amy’s interview, simply click this link!