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Compassion Games ~ Join me LIVE on Sunday!

Celebrate Earth Day!

Join me and the Vibers Team, to participate in the International Compassion Games ~ a fun, world-wide coopetition to promote compassionate action, partnering with Unify and Standing Rock.


1) Sign up here to receive one “mission” each day for 9 days to take a simple, compassionate action for the earth.

2) Log your actions on the Compassion Games global map, where you’ll see thousands of other Agents of Compassion noting their actions in real time!

Note: Post your action under the Vibers Team to connect our actions for #CourageousCompassion ~<3

Tune in LIVE THIS SUNDAY, April 23rd at 9am PST as I co-lead a special Water Blessing!

~ Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life ~

Facebook Invite for Sunday

More information on the Compassion Games:

LIVE in Seattle and Langley on March 6&7! + Fun Interview!

Interview about “Amy Walker: Inside Out”

Amy Walker: Inside Out
~one-woman variety show

On international tour in 2015!

Featuring Original Comedy Sketches, Songs, Improv,
Audience Participation, Special Guests and more, this unique
and uplifting show celebrates the Unity in our Diversity~

INTERVIEW clip with the South Whidbey Record:
“Performing uses everything I have; it uses all of my fascination and analytical skills,” Walker said.
In addition to her performances, which include dance and song as well as acting, Walker has dedicated much effort to exhibiting and spreading the notion of “courageous compassion.”
The idea is one present in her work, as well as her personal life. Walker explained that, as an actor, it is important for her to be able to delve into a character who may be entirely different from herself, who may be contemptible or villainous, of a different time or place, or who may be differently abled. ...full article here
With over 40,000,000 views online and 100,200+ YouTube subscribers, Amy Walker brings her diverse range of multi-faceted creativity to the stage in this one-woman variety show. Laugh, Cry, and Sing Along at this Uplifting Event!
Seattle, WA March 6th, 7:30 pm
Hillman City Collaboratory
5623 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118
Tickets At The Door: Adults $20, Youth $10

Langley, WA, March 7th, 2:00 pm
The Clyde Theater
217 1st Street
Langley, WA 98260
Tickets At The Door: Adults $20, Youth $10

Success in New York!

Loving "Polyglot

What a Thrill to perform in NYC with the incredible Company C Contemporary Ballet.  My monologue, “Polyglot” (from my record A Discourse On Accents), was 1 of the 4 pieces performed:
“Amy Walker delivers a monologue onstage in an engaging succession of accents: English, French, Scottish, Irish, American, Australian, German…” ~New York Times reviewer Alastair Macaulay 
I was most moved by the reception of the audience members who spoke to me after each show. Thank you all!
One man expressed how deeply touched he was by the message that Inside, we’re all the same, no matter how we express ourselves in voice, dress, and beyond.  And that If I can sound like you, part of me can even ‘Be’ you, Understand you, have Compassion for you…
Vibes to you and all you do! ~Amy

Polyglot Outfit


Amy with Company C at the Joyce, NYC