Aussie Tour Fun! London Save the Date~

Successful Run in Australia

So much fun!~
Gratitude to all who came~<3
While I was there, I had an awesome Radio Interview on Breakfast with Ross and John @3AW693 in Melbourne

Amy Walker: Inside Out
International Tour!

NEXT: London, UK
Saturday, 12th September
2:00 pm

The Tristan Bates Theatre
1A Tower St, Covent Garden
Box Office 020 7240 6283
£15 Adult - £12 Concession
Comedy, Songs, Improv, Special Guests...
this unique and uplifting show celebrates the Unity in our Diversity~

With over 40,000,000 views online and 100,000+ YouTube subscribers, Amy Walker brings her diverse range of multi-faceted creativity to the stage in a variety show like nothing you've ever seen.
Laugh, Cry, and Sing Along, at this Uplifting Event!
Melbourne, AU June 25th
Sydney, AU June 21th
Los Angeles, CA May 29-31th
Seattle, WA March 6th
Langley, WA, March 7th
Bay Area, CA January 22nd

SEE YOU SOON~~~! Vibes and Love~<3

What People are Saying:

"I've never felt such joy and warmth as Amy inspires." ~Peter Byrnes

"So beautiful in every sense of the word. Loved every minute." ~Loren

"My cheeks hurt from smiling! I'm walking out feeling that much freer. That much more passionate to follow my dreams." ~Shelley Davison

"Incredibly funny and clever" ~Guzel Gjenasaj

"As good as any Broadway show I've ever seen. I was just completely enchanted with her performance." ~Michael Stone

"Her show is exciting, transformative, and relaxing, all at the same time." ~Charlotte Anderson

"I'm so moved. I felt like I was showered by her love and passion throughout the show." ~Saemi Nakamura

More About the Show: Come laugh and be inspired with L.A. Actress/Singer/YouTube Sensation Amy Walker's signature style of diverse creativity. Morphing from improv with the audience to fun characters like Tiffaniey, the "Evolutionary Yoga" Instructor, pole-ish dancing mousy housewife Eunice, and songs like the spoof pop single "Selfie", Amy blends a variety of media (and a plethora of accents) to create a truly unique and uplifting experience.

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