Free Virtual Summit!

Hey Dears,

I understand how challenging it can be to achieve success when you are struggling to get everything done, and constantly battling the distractions of daily life.

That’s why I’m especially excited to invite you to join me and 20 other experts for a FREE virtual summit starting Monday, April 3rd, entitled Productivity for Perfectionists: How to Stop Procrastinating, Silence Your Inner Critic and GET IT DONE in 20 Minutes a Day.

You can find more information and register here!

Hosted by award-winning composer and music director Deborah Hurwitz, this online interview series will provide you with:

~Concrete strategies you can use to break through creative blocks immediately
~Understanding what’s really behind procrastination, and how it can actually be your greatest ally
~Total freedom from the pressure of needing to get everything right all the time
~Practical steps you can take to clear a massive to-do list without overwhelm
~Inspiration to move your dream project forward with confidence, clarity and total self-mastery
~This event could be life-changing. Don’t wait - Register NOW!


Free Accent Webinar Saturday and Productivity Summit April 3!


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