New Video! “Breakfast Battle” ~Helen Keller~ The Miracle Worker

New Video! "Breakfast Battle" ~Helen Keller~ The Miracle Worker | Amy Walker

Epic Battle of Wills! An archived clip of me as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker in 1998~ beautifully remastered by Larry Benedict. "Annie" played valiantly by Emily Robertson. This was not professionally filmed or mic-ed, so pardon the quality. #Vibes to Vivacious Women! #WomensHistoryMonth

Directed by Martha Furey
Produced by Claudia Walker and the Island Arts Council
at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts, 1998

Annie Sullivan: Emily Robertson
Helen Keller: Amy Walker
Mrs. Keller: Gail Flemming
Captain Keller: Tom Fisher
Jimmy: Jim Scullin
Viney: Saranell deChambeau
Doctor: Kirk Prindle
Kids: Orson Ossman, Samantha O'Brachta, Aiden Karamanyan

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