"Standouts include Amy Walker (a stunningly versatile actor)..." ~Rod Stafford Hagwood,

“…If The BBC Murders has a leading lady... and most valuable player, Amy Walker gets both titles. Brilliant at accents and looking a bit like a younger Kristin Scott Thomas, Walker morphs from a mysterious seductress in Butter to a frightened guest house owner in Three Blind Mice to the imperiled new wife of Personal Call to a Peruvian (no, really) movie star and torch singer in Yellow Iris. Review by Christine Dolen of the Miami Herald


The TODAY Show - as Herself She Can Do 21 accents

Inside Edition - As Herself Speaking in 21 Accents

Northwest Afternoon - As Herself

Quantum Voice | Amy Walker

~Interview on The Gray Escape with Natalie Gray

Quantum Voice | Amy Walker


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