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Who Am I? This Video is my Answer~ What’s Yours?

We Are Connected~~~♥~~~♥~~~!

As we approach the darkest time of the year (in the northern hemisphere), I am reminded of the light within. That spark that fuels my SoulFire-

I wrote this piece 2 years ago, when I was crawling out of the darkest time of my life. It wasn't for the public. It was my irreverent, "out of the box" answer to the assortment of boxes laying in wait, for my answer to confine me into.

It's a powerful question. One I'll keep asking and asking. I can only answer the question by living it~~♥

Wishing you Love and Light this Holiday Season~

NEW Series! Celebrity Sketches: Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, and More~

Announcing Amy's new Celebrity Sketches series: A Behind-The-Scenes look at her process for embodying a character/person.

Amy only does 1 take. Un-cut.Watch her learn in real time and embody icons in action...

Ep. 1: Judy Garland sings "The Man That Got Away" -1963.

Ep. 2: Iconic Bette Davis line from "All About Eve"~ "Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy night." -1950.

Ep. 3: Katharine Hepburn in Philadelphia Story with Jimmy Stewart. "No? Come around about noon tomorrow. I mean today!"

Episode 4: Audrey Hepburn wins an Oscar for "Roman Holiday".

Episode 5: Robin Williams In Memoriam, and in celebration of Robin Williams' Magic, here I play with embodying clips from Mrs. Doubtfire.

Episode 6: Sam Cooke Amy dives into the King of Soul, Sam Cooke, singing "Cupid".

Episode 7: Joan Rivers Amy's tribute sketch of Joan Rivers, with deepest respect.

Episode 8: Janis Joplin Tribute sketch of Janis Joplin, with deep respect.

Episode 9: Joni Mitchell Sketch of the Mellifluous Joni Mitchell singing "River".

Eunice Comedy Sketches -full series!

Comedy Sketches with Heart... Episode 3: Having gained courage with her "I See Pride. I See Power..." mantra from Cool Runnings, Eunice decides to try her lifelong dream... Dancing! Polish Folk Dancing (AKA "Pole Dancing") might be just the ticket... Can she convince Howard to come?

Catch all 9 episodes of Eunice on her “Eunice Playlist”