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Thank You for a Wonderful Year~<3

What A Year It's Been!
Here are some Fun Highlights...

Deepest, ABUNDANT Gratitude to all of you for your support!~<3

With your generosity, I performed my show, Amy Walker: Inside Out, all around the world in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, and London.

Our Indiegogo Campaign was 95% funded and made a whole world of difference. Thank you!

My family and I performed A Walker Family Thanksgiving Concert to a sold out audience!

Thank you for a Brilliant Year!
We've got some Very Exciting Projects in development for 2016, so Stay Tuned!

We are Connected! Vibes for 2016!

SOLD OUT! ~ A Walker Family Thanksgiving Concert

A Walker Family Thanksgiving Concert

Thrilled and honored to be performing with my talented family~♥

Saturday, 21st November
7:30 pm

Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
565 Camano Ave
Langley, WA, 98260
Box Office 800.638.7631 or 360.221.8268
All Seats $22

Celebrate family, the harvest, and the cycles of life, with original and traditional songs by Amy Walker, Paul Houser, and Tom and Claudia Walker.

An evening of heartwarming, fun-loving, and thought-provoking music by this musical Whidbey Island family with special Thanksgiving-themed treats at intermission!

*Please bring a healthy non-perishable food item for Good Cheer so we can share the bounty with families in need.*

Featuring Special Guests Ben Walker, Linda Morris, Randy Hudson, Dave Bokel and Jennifer Bondelid.

We Did It! Gratitude and Blessings~London Tour Fun!

Successful Run in England

So much fun!~

Deepest, ABUNDANT Gratitude to everyone who supported the show!~<3 Thanks to your generosity, I was able to perform my show on London's West End, to an incredible audience.

It included people who've been watching my videos for years~ one who flew in from Holland, 2 from Spain, one from Brussels, one drove for hours from Northern England, (and a theatre full of wonderful people!) and I was able to hug and meet them all for the first time.

We laughed, cried, played and sang together... Reviews below~

95% funded, and it made ALL the Difference! !

Vibes to each and every one of you

Reviews were 100% positive and included:

"Thank you deeply! I'm walking on air!" ~ Doron Sayar, Netherlands

"Amazing! Uplifting! Fabulous! I don't have enough words..." ~Emily Kennedy

"Inspiring, moving and entertaining. Your energy is magical. What DO you eat for breakfast?" ~Ellias

"You show your characters really deeply and I think it's time for everyone to be himself/herself. Thank you." ~Krisztina Losonci

"Amazing show, totally recommended, Amy is simply awesome! Had a great time!" ~David

"Fantastic show. Very inspiring. Didn't know Amy Walker's work before but am now a fan and will check it out." ~ Georgia Goodman

"...You radiate such pure and magnificent light. Your videos are amazing and it's wonderful to see such natural talent and true passion..." ~ Kim C. Wysocka

"Rarely do you see passion, connection and emotion mixed with sheer bloody minded technical talent as I saw today at the Amy Walker: Inside Out show in the West End. To describe the event as a one-woman variety show really doesn’t capture it. The packed house at the Tristan Bates were treated to a couple of hours of a performer sharing her soul.

"You see with Amy you don’t just characters, homages and a wonderful singing voice, you get a depth of spirit.

"That, I think, is the nub of why fans had travelled from all over Europe to see her. She’s not just an actress. She’s a spirited and spiritual performer. She channels and projects thoughts, concepts and beliefs into her work like very few others.

"Her songs, whilst pitch and technically perfect, they are also laugh out loud funny. The improvised story of Gwendoline the aqua-phobic dolphin trainer with a taste for mariachi music was comedy gold.

"By the end of the performance the audience were joining in (and harmonising) with an uplifting sing-along. Amy is my kind of performer. [She] fills the stage with presence and personality and gives it everything for the audience. She’s a talent we’ll be seeing more of." ~Christopher Plumley
Thank You Generous Supporters:

Mike W Dobson
Peter Byrnes
Joshua Lipovetsky
Wally Shedd
Sander Kallshian
Carlos Escamilla
Philippe Valdois
Jerry Walker and Yukie Ueda
Aaron Eaton
Coleman and Sue Houser
Tom and Claudia Walker
Virginia and Richard Houser
Michael Faulkner
Fred Radford
John D Campos
Leo Leoz-Ebuy
Damian Muselloma
Rafa Desprez
Doron Sayar
Ron Tanner
Adrián Padilla
Marilee Jolin and Matt, Mira & Lina Mickelson
Sally Goodwin
Diva Diane
Tim Harman
Lon Fiala
Colleen Courtney Andersen
Andrew Perry
Doug and Barb Walker