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Eunice Comedy Sketches -full series!

Comedy Sketches with Heart... Episode 3: Having gained courage with her "I See Pride. I See Power..." mantra from Cool Runnings, Eunice decides to try her lifelong dream... Dancing! Polish Folk Dancing (AKA "Pole Dancing") might be just the ticket... Can she convince Howard to come?

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YouTube Highlights Video!

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Comedy, Drama, Songs, Accents, Heart... Music: Amy Walker Theme - composed and performed by Amy (and the band inside her mouth)
Videos used in order of appearance: 21 Accents, Hula Hana, St. Joan, Getting Ready for a Date, Ursula, Hamlet Flosses, Yes, Doll on a Corner, Truly Scrumptious, How to Learn Any Accent, We Are Connected music video, Eunice Gets a Diet Book, American Accent Tutorial Series, All of Me (for the Vets), TEDx Talk: Expanding your Identity to Embody your Potential, Yoga for Computerers -with Tiffaniey!, Mexi-Tots, I Am An Actor, Balance, Over the Rainbow -Judy Garland, My Heart is Your Heart, Backstages

“Eunice Sees Pride” – New Comedy Sketch


After Howard teases Eunice in front of his friends, she gets inspired by “Cool Runnings”… “I see Pride. I see Power. I see a Badass Mother who don’t take no crap from nobody!”