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Group-Ease sitcom | #WomenInComedy

Our Group-Ease sitcom pilot is live! Deeply grateful to be part of the world-wide #WomenInComedy program by Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaha and YouTube.

GROUP-EASE: Newlyweds Skyler (Amy Walker) and James (Adam Ray) struggle to understand each other, themselves, and how to make a difference in the world. When Skyler gets inspired to hold a Women’s AMpowerment Group, James enlists his boys to help him talk about… Feelings.

#GroupEase ~ “Life’s easier when you share it… right?”

To celebrate and support new voices in comedy,

WhoHaha teamed up with YouTube Space

worldwide to invite the next generation of women

on YouTube to amplify their voice through the

power of comedy. With sets, mentorship and

additional production resources, over 100 creators

participated from New York, Los Angeles, London,

Toronto, Tokyo, Rio, Mumbai, Berlin and Paris.

This video was shot at YouTube Space for the

Women in Comedy program in partnership with

WhoHaha and Elizabeth Banks.

Director: Jessica Clark Graham

Co-writer/EP/actor: Amy Walker @amiablewalker

Co-writer/EP/actor: Adam Ray

Producer: Jennifer Brofer

Assistant Director/Actor: Christopher Soren Kelly

Actor: Lindsay Frame

Actor: Sarah J. Halstead

Actor: Michelle Jubilee

Actor: Sheila Cutchlow

Actor: Mona Shaikh

Actor: Hiram A. Murray

Editor: Jordan Shaloub

With Music by Doron Sayar @doron1972 and Amy Walker

Production Assistant: Jason Mercado

Hair & Makeup: Kelly de la Cerda

Makeup sponsor: Charlotte Tilbury

Food sponsor: Sun Cafe LA

Hair sponsor: Amy Bates – Mod’s Hair LA

Special Thanks to: YouTube Space LA, WhoHaha and Elizabeth Banks!

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