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"LISTEN" ~ Screenings in LA!

A couple of years ago, I asked if any of you had experiences of domestic violence that you felt called to share with me, so that I could honor your truth while playing "LuLu" in this beautiful, powerful short film I was cast in. ❤️

Thank you again, with my whole heart, to those of you who wrote me personal emails and messages so that we can open the conversation and break the cycle of violence. I did it for you. I carried you with me on set. The short film is doing well on the festival circuit, and will be eventually offered online as well. I'll let you know when and where when I know! Much love always, dear #Vibers ~ Amy


National Domestic Violence HOTLINE: 1−800−799−7233


Directed by: Jessica Graham

Written by: Clark D. Schaefer

Starring: Amy Walker, Trey McCurley, Christina Moses

Director of Photography: Sherri Kauk

Makeup/SPFX: Crystal Nardico

Produced by: Clark D. Schaefer and Jessica Graham

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